1) How Can I Earn Coins?
There are 4 Different Ways to Earn Coins.

#1 Earn Coins by Buying Them

You can purchase coins by clicking the 'buy coins' button in your account. All coins purchased will be added to your account within hours. We accept PayPal.

#2 Earn Coins by Performing Actions like Following, Viewing, Liking..etc.

In order to earn coins this way, just click on one of the links from the 'Earn Coins' menu on the left or the social media icons in your account. After you do, You'll see websites in which you can earn coins from. The coins listed on each link is how many coins you will receive for performing the action for that link.

#3 Earn Coins by Referring Others

You can earn coins for telling everyone you possibly can. Just use your referral url when sending them to the site. It's effective to spread the word via social media and you could build a MASSIVE downline in no time. You will receive 250 coins for each person you refer!

#4 Earn Coins by Claiming the Daily Bonus

We also offer a daily bonus. You can earn this daily bonus just by logging in and clicking this link in your account. We encourage you to do this everyday.
2) What Is CPC?
CPC is 'Cost Per Click'. This is how many coins you're willing to spend per like, followers, share, view etc.

For example if you set CPC to 5 on a Facebook Page then you will spend 5 Points for each like you receive. The higher you set your CPC, the faster you'll get likes, followers, etc. The lower your CPC, the slower you will gain likes, followers, etc. The reason why is because a higher CPC setting will place your link higher on the page and a lower CPC will place your link lower on the page. Bidding higher will give you better results.

You must assign points to your link to start your campaign or keep it active.

It's also important to note that VIP Premium members can set CPC higher than standard members and thus receive likes, followers, views etc at a much faster rate.

3) What Are Coins?
SocialMedia15 coins is the currency of our website. This is not real money! Coins are used to promote your social media pages.
4) Do You Sell Followers, Likes, Friends, Subscribers Or Hits?
No. We do not sell Followers, Likes, Friends, Subscribers or Hits. We sell coins. Coins are used to promote your social media pages. Coins are not real currency. They are the currency of SocialMedia15.com.
5) I Have A New Referral but Haven't Received My Bonus Coins. Why?
Each new member must perform 20 actions before credit will be awarded for a referral. This will help to ensure real people are using our system and not bots or scripts.
6) Do You Offer Refunds?
We don't offer refunds because of the nature of the business. Credits can be used quite fast so this is why we don't offer refunds. Please be sure and aware of exactly what your buying.
7) How Many Social Media Pages May I add To The System?
You may add unlimited social media web pages.
8) May I have More Than One Account?
No. We only allow one account per person. There is no exception.
9) Do You Have A Referral Program?
Yes, we sure do. We offer 250 coins, 0.05 cents and 10% cash on EVERYTHING your referral spends their money on. You can earn some nice money with a downline. Remember to PROMOTE PROMOTE PROMOTE.
10) Can I use a redirect or a URL shortening service?
No. You must use your exact URL from the social media websites.